So  when I thought I was done fighting cancer for good it turns out I was wrong. Apparently I still have some ass to kick. We just found out this week that the pain I have been having in my back for several months is actually cancer related. It looks like the breast cancer has metastasized to my spine and is wreaking some havoc on my bones. So this week I am going to have major spinal surgery followed by whatever treatment is needed to get rid of the rogue cells that are causing trouble in my spine. Honestly we are all  still in shock and wondering what the heck just hit us?!

In the meantime we move forward one day at a time to navigate our way through this surreal experience. I will be offline for a while post surgery but will post updates as soon as I can. Thanks for all the love and support.

I’ll be back in a few weeks.

Take Care



I took a poll on Facebook a few weeks ago asking people about their favourite teas. I got lots of different answers and learned about some new teas that I hadn’t tried before. The responses ranged from Masala Chai to Tulsi Tea to Lemon and Ginger and many more. It seems that each tea appeals to us differently according to our personality, palate and mood. This makes me happy because I always look forward to a my daily cup of tea and I can change it up depending on how I feel.  In the fall and winter I seem to be drawn to spicy , warmer teas as natural way to warm up. Summer has me brewing up all kinds of fruity and green iced teas. ( ah summer….) But lately the tea that gets me  going in the morning with just enough caffeine to tackle the morning gong show is Earl Grey de la Creme. Yummy  on so many levels.

It’s a creamier version of your typical Earl Grey and has some pretty blue flower petals in it too. The trick with this one is that you have to brew it as instructed on the package otherwise it gets a little too bitter. I add a drop of maple syrup and a bit of almond milk to mine and voila! If you are feeling extra fancy you can even froth the almond milk and make a dairy free tea latte. It comes in a black tea and green tea version.

Check out Earl Grey de la Creme and tons of other teas at JASMINSTEAS. Steeped Tea will also donate $1.00 from every 100gram bag sold to the Children’s Miracle Network .

If you have any questions about the teas you see just leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you.

Happy Sipping!


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I have a thing for essential oils, a little addiction I guess you could say. I am consistently impressed by these little powerful elixirs from mother nature. I have quite a collection of many different oils that each have different healing properties.  One of my go to oils for fall/winter is eucalyptus. It has multiple uses around the home and on the body. It is also affordable oil as far as oils go.

Three things I use my eucalyptus oil for:

1. Immune boosting for coughs and colds – as soon as someone in my family gets a cold I start with the Eucalyptus protocol because I find it helps relieve symptoms and speed up recovery time.  I will add two drops to some ointment or body lotion and rub it on the kid’s backs, chest or feet before they go to bed at night. It is a tonic to the respiratory system and helps them breathe better when they are all stuffed up. I also will diffuse around the house to help kill any airborne germs that might be lingering.

2. Sore muscles – this has been a big one for me lately as I have been suffering from a pretty sore back and shoulders since my reconstruction surgery. Eucalyptus has strong anti inflammatory properties. I love using it as a massage oil for my sore and spazzy muscles. I add a few drops to olive oil or jojoba oil and then ask my hubby really nicely if he can spread it on my back. Within minutes it takes the edge off the constant ache. So good. Lavender is also a nice

3. Concentration and clarity- a few drops in your shower gel in the morning and HELLO! your brain wakes up. Seriously. Try it. It clears my sleepy head and gets me ready for the day. Another way to use it for clarity during the day is just to put a drop on a tissue and breathe it in.

For these reasons and more eucalyptus is  a great oil to add to your roster of home remedies.

If you already use it I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know what you use it for and why you like it!



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I am very excited to announce that The Deva Life is a Ninjamatics 2013 Canadian Weblog Award Nominee!

When I started the blog in 2012 it was a way to connect with the world outside of the hospital and medical appointments that made up my daily life at that time. I was just finishing chemotherapy for breast cancer and wanted to create a place to post all  the ways I was trying to stay healthy, stay positive and make it through a very tough time. I knew there were others out there going through similar stuff and I wanted to help in some way.

There were weeks when I felt great and was able to do a lot of writing and other weeks when I felt like crap and my mind was mush –  so writing did not get done. Chemo drugs and pain killers can really do a number on your brain cells and creative juices!  I have tried to be honest and open in my posts because I feel that the only way we can really help others is by truly being ourselves.

It has been over a year now and I am finally finished my treatment! Yay!  I still have weeks when writing comes easily and others when I am so incredibly tired that the words are lost and my brain feels like a sieve. My life has changed so much in the past two years . I am looking forward to the road ahead and to writing about  life post treatment and ways to live with a smile on your face and in your heart. I am happy that my little blog is plugging along and hopefully inspiring some ideas, thoughts and positive change along the way.

Thanks to all you lovely people for visiting, reading and sharing.




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As the weather changes over to a windy, cooler time of year I feel my body needing to warm itself up from the inside. To balance out the damp and cool I want something spicy and warming but not too sweet.

When I tried Hot Yoga Tea  I was pleasantly surprised at how delish it was. It was subtle, warm and spicy but still light. It gave me that cozy feeling I was craving and had a great flavour too. The bouquet is multi layered and smells similar to a chai tea but a little less heavy. The bonus of this tea is that is full of things that are good for you – especially as it gets colder out and the body needs to fortify.

The ingredients that make up this  spicy blend are:cinnamon, hawthorn leaves and flowers, ginger bits, cloves, black pepper, cardamom, safflowers and malava flowers. Ginger is warming and calming, cardamom can help ease digestive upset and freshen your breath while clove is said to have an anti inflammatory effect on the body. It is a great tasting combo for a cool fall night.


My love for all things tea has lead me to become a part time Tea Consultant for a company called Steeped Tea.  There are so many health benefits to drinking tea that I feel it is a perfect match for me and for my blog. I will be reviewing teas each month and if you like what you read you can purchase them directly through my online Steeped Tea page at  Jasmin’s Teas


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