Back in May my hubby and I took a trip to NYC. He had to go for meetings so I happily tagged along. Although known as the city that never sleeps  I need to take naps these days so they had to be built into the plan. So did meditation, chilling out, walking and eating well ( most of the time). I decided to do a low key version of NYC and it was amazing. My hubby was in meetings during the day so I had from 8 am to 6 pm all to myself. What a treat, I rarely spend time just by myself and I was looking forward to it. what ever would I do with this gift of time in such an incredible city?

New York is a perfect walking city and I did lots of it. I planned my days so that I could stop in parks along the way to rest and eat ice cream while doing some pretty awesome people watching. The three parks I spent a lot of time in were Central Park, Bryant Park and Washington Square Park. Each one was very different and very alive with the energy of NYC.  Central Park was a mish mash of tourists taking pictures, locals going for bike rides or runs and  horse drawn carriages. This park has such a rich history. It got me wondering about what the park was like a hundred years ago and how much has changed since then. It really is a very special part of the city. I saw two turtles there just sunning themselves on a rock, going slow and enjoying it. It reminded me to slow down and not rush through my trip.

Bryant Park was incredible because in the morning I sat there for tea and it was empty and quiet as the city was slowly getting moving. By lunchtime it was packed with hundreds of chairs and tables filled with people escaping the office to sit in the sun and eat their lunches. It was awesome. I have never seen that many people eating their lunch all at once in a park in Toronto – ever.  It had a such a good energy about it. So I joined them and got a sandwich and sat by myself near the fountain watching the world go by. The sandwich was from a stall called Wichcraft and it was divine. Eating on my own gave me time to really taste my food, kind of like doing a little eating mediation. It brought me into the present moment. There are so many cool things going on in this park everyday; yoga classes, Tai Chi,storytime. They even have ping pong, chess and a carousel! Best use of a small park space I have ever seen.

Washington Square Park had a very welcoming energy. There was a special kids play area that people were only allowed in if they had children. You could hear the sounds of little kids laughing and it made me smile. There was an amazing off leash dog area – seriously it was so cool – it even had it’s own little splash pad. The park had so many benches as everyone from mommies and babies to high school kids to touring couples were taking some time to pause and chat, rest or eat. A great jazz band was playing and I could have just sat there all day, doing nothing, just being present to the life energy around me. I also found a juice bar that I loved nearby called Juice Generation. They made a crazy delish juice called Get Ur Green On – oh yeah, so good.

In between parks I walked the busy city streets in silence. Being silent amongst the chaos and liveliness of NYC was very interesting. It was therapeutic in a strange way. I was there but also completely anonymous as I blended into the crowds. As I walked a weird thing happened. All kinds of emotions started coming up about the journey I have been on and where I am at now. I thought about my family, my kids mostly and all they have had to go through the past few years while I have been in cancer treatment. The tears started to roll but not in a sad way, more in a cleansing way. Acknowledging what the past 2 years has been like and letting go so I can move forward with life. I felt like I was on my own little retreat in a way. I knew walking the city would be fun and interesting but I never expected it to also be so healing.

I had planned to go to yoga classes, get a spa treatment, maybe find a place to meditate  but instead I just enjoyed time to myself to clear my head and walk where I wanted, eat when I wanted and rest when I wanted. It was a totally different side of New York for me and I loved it.

So simple and so just what I needed. Thank you New York. xo








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I love the blog Zen Habits. This week Leo Babauta has a beautiful post on fatherhood and I wanted to share it with you.

Zen Habits: The Essence of Fatherhood: 6 Simple Lessons

Happy Fathers Day to all the incredible daddies out there!




My aromatherapy mentor and friend Sandy Powell has a feature on her blog where she posts about people in her life doing good things. I am honoured that this month she posted about me and the Stretch Heal Grow yoga retreat for young women with breast cancer. Sandy is always there to answer any questions I have about aromatherapy and natural healing. She is also a supporter of the retreat and donates awesome healing essential oils for all the women attending. As you know I am a little addicted to essential oils – that comes from my training with Sandy. Her knowledge and passion was a big part of what guided me towards holistic healing alternatives.

Here is her post:

Hidden Gems – Meet Jasmin Fiore

Thanks Sandy :)



Today I salute mothers of all kinds; biological, adopted or honorary. I salute women with children and women without children as we all know you can be a mother to others in so many different ways. The saying ‘it takes a village’ is so true. There are many women in my life who are like mothers to me and my girls and they each enrich our lives in many ways.

Today is my sixth mothers day as a mommy and my third one without my mother. I know she would be happy to see what good hands I am in and how many wonderful women help me out when I need it.

Thanks to Kaia and Adria for making me a mommy and giving me a chance to experience all the sublime love and delightful chaos.

Sending a huge thank you to the mother who created me, raised me, loved me like crazy, taught me how to be a good mamma and is watching over me and guiding me each day.

Motherhood is an adventure. You never know what will be coming next. But you do it with all your heart.

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful, brave, funny, strong, smart and loving mommies out there. You make the world a better place.





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A few weeks ago I kicked off the campaign for this year’s Stretch Heal Grow yoga  and wellness retreat for young women with breast cancer. I feel so lucky to be able to organize this retreat again for 2014. I am working with a great charity called Rethink Breast Cancer and have also had help from many friends. This special weekend retreat started last year and the first 25 women who attended were incredible. I was inspired by each one of them. Witnessing first hand how much they enjoyed Stretch Heal Grow and what a community it created made me determined to run it again this year. This retreat is and always will be close to my heart.

When young women are diagnosed with breast cancer it is often a more aggressive form of the disease. Many of them are just starting out whether it be at a new job or as a new mom and suddenly everything changes. Breast cancer changes you physically and emotionally. Picking up the pieces and trying to put yourself back together can sometimes be made easier with the support of others who understand exactly what you are going through. Many young women feel isolated during and after treatment. My hope for the  Stretch Heal Grow weekend is to  once again create a safe space for transformation, healing and support – of course sprinkled with laughter , fun and some good yoga!

I fundraise to make the retreat happen. The money raised covers the cost for the women to attend. All they need to do is get themselves to the retreat and all the food, lodging, yoga and workshops are covered for them through donations from our incredible community.

Please take a moment to check out my little video for this year’s retreat. It will give you a look into why I do this and also how awesome the first year was!

If you are able to make a donation that would be incredible.  Just click on this link.

You can also  help by:

  • forwarding the Indiegogo campaign onto others,
  • liking our page on Facebook,
  • following us on Twitter @stretchhealgrow 
  • letting anyone you know who is under 45 and has breast cancer that this retreat might be something they would really enjoy.
  • Help  to spread the word in whatever way suits your style. 

More info about the retreat itself is online at

Thank you for helping to make a direct difference in the lives of young women with breast cancer.


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